ScaleUp For Europe 2017

City Forum: From Smart to Scaleup

May 31st - June 2nd, 2017

Palácio da Bolsa

Start in Europe, Scale in Europe, Go Global!

In a European single market, far from being a reality, cities working in networks will be unique growth catalysts. By creating and promoting the development of a national and international network of support for scale-up companies, entrepreneurs will have access to information about their and other environments, be assisted in building reputation and credibility, while increasing sales at home and abroad.

ScaleUp For Europe aims at providing entrepreneurs with information about cities’ context and business environment and to promote their growth and  internationalization effort.

ScaleUp For Europe aims at contributing to develop a network of European hubs, foster by Cities, but working in open collaboration with investors, mentors, entrepreneurs, incubators and corporates, and contribute to provide a unique platform to help scale-ups build reputation credibility and increase growth opportunities.

Confirmed Speakers

Agenda main topics

Track 1

Cities’ challenges as innovation and business catalysts – explore cities’ driven opportunities to validate your product and explore business opportunities

Track 2

Connect Companies to customers and explore innovation opportunities across Europe European reference Innovation acceleration programs (FIWARE, )

Track 4

Start in Europe, Scale in Europe, Go Global Cross-border actions to foster strategic partnerships among the players from local startups hubs across Europe and at global scale.

Track 3

Access to the right combination of finance; helping startups to have access to procurement opportunities.

Track 6

Job creation, by balancing training opportunities with high quality of life standards.

Track 5

The role of smart technologies and urban platforms as innovation and growth catalysts.



May 31st

June 1st

June 2nd